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Solutions & Services


Using the latest GPS technology to its fullest, Trucco teams can excavate a site quickly and accurately. We understand that each site has specific characteristics and that completing this critical step keeps your project moving.


Our experienced crews have dealt with almost every possible underground situation. Whether through changing soil conditions, open fields, congested streets, rivers or streams, busy airports, schools or shopping centers, we have the right equipment and people to complete the utility project safely and efficiently.


From streets and parking lots to sidewalks and curb, from dolly pads to retaining walls and concrete approaches to concrete docks, we can handle it all. In addition to our team’s expertise, we utilize the latest in equipment and technology so that our customers can be assured of quality work, on time and within budget.

RCC Paving

Introducing Trucco Construction’s latest addition: Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) paving, a preferred alternative to asphalt, backed by skilled professionals and in-house material production for efficient and high-quality results in various projects.

Erosion Control

At Trucco, we understand the impact construction can have on the environment. Seeding, straw bales, rock channel protection, sediment ponds, sediment control structures and silt fence are just a few of the services our team of experts is ready to perform.

Material Recycling

On your site or ours, Trucco Construction offers portable concrete and stone crushing. We can screen your material to size and have your waste ready for re-use.


Trucco invests in the latest technology to ensure we are on the cutting edge of this critical, but often overlooked, aspect of every job. Whatever accuracy is demanded, we can deliver.

General Contracting

One call covers it all. We can build and manage a team of trusted partners to deliver optimized continuity and accountability for your project.