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Over the last 30+ years, Trucco Construction has earned its spot as one of the leading commercial earthwork construction companies in the Columbus region. We take pride in “laying the groundwork” for your project’s success, and strive to meet the toughest schedules while exceeding client expectations along the way.

Our fast, efficient and accurate earthmoving comes from a three-fold approach. 

We use the right tool for the right job instead of utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand site conditions vary from project to project, so we’ve built an inventory of earthmoving equipment that’s ready to take on any job. We believe in optimizing our progressive fleet of equipment to your job – not forcing your job to work with the only equipment we have. We aren’t dependent upon rentals becoming available and we have numerous full-time mechanics to handle any maintenance and repairs in-house, on our schedule. 

Next, we invest heavily in technology to make sure our capable machines are utilized to their greatest potential. We take pride in staying on top of emerging technologies and have always embraced the advantages that this can bring. We were early adopters of GPS machine control and continue to push the envelope with new innovative software, putting mobile technology in more hands, and exploring and implementing emerging fields such as drone topography. This massive and continued investment provides owners with efficient and accurate earthwork construction, which helps get your project where you need it to be faster. 

Third and most important, our operators are well trained and our field supervision is second to none. We are a proud union contractor with a team-oriented atmosphere that emphasizes individual growth and development while working towards common goals. Our field supervision are extremely capable and fully embrace this philosophy. They don’t just sit in a machine; they run the crew, coordinate with testing agencies, update project management, and document progress.

Our blend of traditional values, evolving techniques, and cutting-edge technology provides our customers with quick and efficient earthwork construction in the Columbus region and beyond. Check out some of our past projects to see what we’re capable of accomplishing.

Feel free to reach out to discuss how our earthwork construction approach and experience can help your next project.